Let us do the dirty work.

Here at Poo Patrol we understand the plight of the dog owner – you love that pooch, but cleaning up the yard is not your cup of tea. Let us come and take care of the mess so you can spend that valuable time with your pup and the rest of the family. 

Too Busy to pick up after your dog?

We hear you.

You leave at the crack of dawn, work like a dog all day then come home and want to enjoy your home and family.  The last thing you feel like doing is picking up the dog poo.

Yeah we know, you got good intentions but somewhere between work, family, “me” time, facebook, sleeping & eating – the least liked job is the last on the list and before you know it there are more piles than you can count and a stench coming from your backyard that is going to have the EPA after you.

Take a load off (pun intended) and schedule a weekly backyard clean up with Poo Patrol.

We’ll save your time, your sanity, your stomach, your yard and your neighbour’s friendship.

We provide a weekly dog poo pick up & and pet waste removal service to busy dog owners homes in the West Covina area.

Poo Cleanup

We come to your home, head straight to your backyard, pick up the dog poo & take it away.

We will fill up your dogs bowl with fresh water while and make sure the yard is secure and gate is shut and locked behind us.  If we see anything weird in your dogs poos that may be a health concern i.e. worms, lego figurines etc. we will let you know with a poostcard under your door

Power Wash

We can remove pet odours from your patio and walkways.

We use a natural odor removal product in combination with high pressured water to blast the area and rid your backyard of pet urine odours.


We spray your yard a with a fresh clean scent so you can take a deep breath when you walk into your back yard and feel it is a place you want to spend time in.

We use only all natural products with enzymes that break down the less than pleasant smell your four legged furry friend usually leaves for you.


Additional Services:

• Additional Waste Removal – $10 Need a special removal for a party or event? No problem! Just let us know at least 48 hours ahead and we will schedule service for you.

• Pressure Wash – $50 We will come spray with our all-natural cleaner and pressure wash your patio and walkway*.

*Very large patios and multiple walkways may incur additional charges, please call for details.

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